Setting Up a Scream Fence to Protect Your Property and/or Yourself

Everyone hears voices in their head.  Sometimes there is only one voice.  Other times you may hear a chorus.  Sometimes the voice will say helpful things to you, and sometimes it just nags . . . “Drink more water!” “Get some exercise!”  Other times that voice can shout or scream to get your attention.  I have a strange voice in my head that hollers, “Get up!  It’s time to work!” every day at 3 A.M..

Wouldn’t it be great if the voice (or voices) could be used to deliver messages FOR  you?
You actually do this all the time without realizing it. Have you ever wished the dog down the street would stop barking,  heard the voice in your head shout, “STOP!” and the next thing you knew the dog was quiet?

That’s the simple process behind directing the voice(s) in your head to build a Scream Fence for protection.

To create an imaginary Scream Fence around yourself or your property:

  1. Think of any scenario where someone or something could create chaos for you.              Maybe it’s a squirrel that has an annoying habit of emptying your bird feeder or someone who keeps sneaking into your driveway at night to break into your car and steal your shopping cart loonie out of your ashtray. Maybe it’s someone who has a bad habit of calling you once a day to dump their problems on you without ever asking how your life is going.
  2. Visualize a boundary fence around what you want to protect  – the perimeter around your yard, the perimeter around your house or your car or your cell phone or your heart.
  3. See your hands carefully pouring a  thin circle of everlasting fuel around the perimeter you have in mind.
  4. Now, see yourself dropping a lit match and POOF! you have set an eternal fire that creates a  brightly lit imaginary fence around what you wish to protect.  You can set it to Slow Burn or leave it on Full Flame – its YOUR imaginary fire, after all
  5. To bring the scream into your Scream Fence, imagine your special voice(s) letting loose  “Get Off my Lawn!” “Don’t Call Me!”  “Make your Own Lunch!” “Leave my Stuff Alone!”
  6. Set up a motion detector feature – any time an ‘offender’ comes too close to your ‘fence’, the flames will shoot up and the screams will send him/her on their way.
  7. When you and your property are left in peace, remember to send a little thank you to the voice(s) in your head for a job well done.


Spiritual Safety Procedures – Part One: Why are they so important?

You are worthy of protection on all levels and in all realms.  So are your partners/spouses, children/pets, friends and work associates.  So is the property you live on.  So is everything that exists on that property .

Safety procedures are a necessary part of everything humans do.

Primitive man learned the hard way not to eat certain berries, walk over molten lava, or sleep on fire ant hills.  As humankind continued to progress, common mishaps and misadventures with things like fire and floods, wild animals, sharp objects, shifting surfaces, exploding substances, poisonous fumes and toxic liquids created the common safety procedures that we follow today. 

Any new job you take on will have a training component that has to do with safety, especially if you will be working with the public.  It’s important to note that in the Healing Arts, the Safety Procedures Manual needs to have a section that addresses Spiritual Safety.

No matter what modality you have chosen to follow your calling to serve, your safety and the safety of all attached to you is a highest priority consideration.  Common safety procedures need to be established for everyone to rely on.

Living with an energy worker who doesn’t follow any spiritual safety procedure routines is like living with someone who licks shopping cart handles  –  would you kiss someone on the lips after you saw them do this?

There are some common symptoms experienced by healing practitioners who have not understood the importance of personal protection, and have found themselves feeling out of balance as a result.  Among these symptoms can be simple things like the constant misplacing of small items – keys, wallets, cell phones, socks – this can usually be an early indicator that you need to take the time to clear yourself off.

Eventually, if you neglect to take care of this situation, you may find yourself losing bigger things – like sleep, energy, and joyful connections.  Things might seem like they never go right anymore, or take more effort than they used to.  Your dear ones may feel like they are out of harmony with you.  You may experience constant fatigue, dizziness, vertigo or a brain fog that never clears up.

When these symptoms continue unchecked, the conditions may worsen to the point where .  you choose hiding away as your best course of action.  The thought of being around large crowds of people can leave you feeling exhausted for days, and activities like going to a mall, a parade or a birthday party begin terrify you.

Life isn’t much fun when you feel this way.  You could find yourself saying that you are depressed, because there really aren’t words to express the depth of the spiritual discomfort you are feeling.

You start to wonder if going back to your ‘old life’ could provide relief.  However, stepping away from your spiritual path feels even worse than the vacant anguish you lived with before you understood why you really came here.

Spiritual safety procedures are important because:

  • they provide you with necessary protection from the distracting energies of drama, politics, trauma, poverty, grief, shame, anger, fear and other global toxicities
  • as an energy worker, many rely on you to be at your best at any given time.  Without protection, you may be unavailable, unbalanced or otherwise impaired.
  • your gifts bring ease, comfort, support and relief to those around you. Your main job is the careful stewardship of your unique gifts.