They call me Cosmic Mama

Liandrah Macklem - Edmonton, AB Photo: Christophe Benard Photography Edmonton Commercial PhotographerI’m like a good mama – my intuition gives me eyes in the back of my head!
Like any good mama, I offer an open ear, a soft shoulder and a loving heart – and then I’ll help you clean up the mess!

When life is going sideways for you,  you can tell me about how things are and how you wish things would be. That’s when the real stuff starts happening – when changes and shifts begin to occur.

I believe that by helping my clients find the core of the issues they’re having, they can find the best ways to make enlightened decisions.   It’s kind of like baking the perfect cake – when all the aspects are accounted for, you will have great success!  There’s no room for judgment in this process, but lots of space for joy.

For over 20 years, I have been offering channeled insight, guidance and clearing to individuals, organizations and businesses.

I use divining, oracle reading and sound healing to help you find clarity about:
–  the part you played in the current situation and how to change it
– how to present  yourself and your truth so that you:
Get the Job
Win the Court Case
Sell the House
Build  Great Relationships
Develop  an Amazing Career
Live the Best Life


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