Sound Healing

20140129_154112“There is a longing in human beings to fully open up their voice, to communicate the truth.  There is a cry deep within our hearts that wants to be heard, a longing to free our greatest potential through the voice.  It is the most powerful tool available for the healing of humanity and in significantly shifting consciousness.”  – Karina Schelde, founder of Soul Voice ®

One of the most exciting projects I’m involved in is the Soul Voice ® practitioner-in-training program. For 3 years now, I have been on an incredible journey of growth, awareness and personal mastery with my tribe of 8 sisters from around the globe.

I originally became involved with the Soul Voice ® program when I agreed to host its founder, Karina Schelde for a 2 day introductory workshop here in Edmonton.  Little did I know how much I would resonate with this incredible healing technique or how much it would help me to grow into a much stronger, better ME.

It has been an amazing process, with great opportunities to share the techniques with family, friends and clients.  The powerful transformations that are facilitated by accessing each soul’s voice has been nothing short of miraculously brilliant!