Divining for Clarity

Divining  – dowsing, witching, sourcing, rhabdomancy

Everyone can divine/dowse, because everyone has inherent intuitive abilities – the pendulum is actually a means to quiet your left brain so that your right brain has a chance to be ‘heard’.  So, dowsing is basically a way for you to access the right brain activity that taps into your own intuition.

You can use many things to dowse – any heavy object tied to a string will work as a pendulum. My dowsing hero, Raymon Grace, dowses with a .45 bullet on the end of a string

You can also use other tools – coat hangers, L- rods, fancy rods, bobbers, spring rods, universal pendulums, witness chamber pendulums . . . your own body is great dowsing tool, too!

First and foremost, divining has to do with understanding that you are accessing information through your right brain, which connects with your electromagnetic centers to create the answers for you.

In past times, Kings and Queens depended on people who could divine where the precious metals and minerals were, on where water was more plentiful and pure, what lands to take dominion over.

Dowsing is a fascinating way to bring clarity and illumination on issues and can help you to make enlightened decisions.

I have used divining as a tool of choice for close to 20 years.  I was lucky enough to have a teacher who believed that dowsing could provide us with more than Yes/No answers and as a professional diviner, I still follow her guidance on always insisting that answers be for the highest and best of all concerned.