Harmonic Enthymesis

“You are the light and the sound and the fury.  You become extinguished, silenced and tame when you think thoughts and dream dreams that are the size of this realm – so safe yet so small.  You can ask BIG, be BIG, dream BIG for you ARE the light and the sound and the fury and you create everything you wish for, everything you perceive.”   –  from my Gallactic family

enthymesis (n) = emphasizing with one’s own mood, consideration, reflection                                                                 inclination; who you truly are

I call my own sounding process, Harmonic Enthymesis – using your sound to be in balance with who you truly are.

Crystal and brass bowls, chakra chimes, group singing, sounding and chanting are some of the methods that I love to use for bringing the energy of balance to people, properties, situations and issues for the highest and best of all concerned.