Oracle Readings

What is an ‘oracle’?
My definition is anything that will occupy the left brain, that scientific ‘Doubting Thomas” that sits atop my shoulders and questions everything, heckling me.  Tea leaves, bones, palms, crystals, scrying with water and candles, angel cards, tarot cards, pendulums, candles, colours – these are all “oracles” that people have used for centuries to entertain the left brain so that the right brain can hear the information that needs to come in.  When I was first introduced to angel cards, the answers I received were so gentle, loving and positive that I struggled to believe the messages.  How could it be possible to move through life so much more easily, simply by following the answers from beautifully painted pieces of cardboard?  So, I spent months doing just that, asking questions of the cards, receiving the answers and following the advice.  And things began to change . . . bit by bit, moment by moment, day by day.  Even my health improved.

Now, when I read for people, I love to read from 3 decks at a time as I’ve found that the most important pieces of advice are repeated and amplified from deck to deck.