“Liandrah is an excellent intuitive, counselor, and friend. She has helped me navigate through the most difficult legal and business situations I have faced in my life. She works insightfully and with unseen forces to help bring light and balance to difficult life situations of all types. I highly recommend her services.”

David Wolfe
David “Avocado”Wolfewww.davidwolfe.com,     author of Superfoods,  Eating For Beauty, Longevity Now and founder  of the non-profit Fruit Tree Planting  Foundation (www.ftpf.org)


“Liandrah’s gifts shine through sound healing. Her no nonsense, to the root of it all approach cleared decades of stuck sound, within 2 sessions my productivity has at least doubled! I am grateful to offer a more harmonious sound to others, bringing me further grace of movement. ”


Christy Boulter
Homelife Guaranteed Realty, 780.267.1159  homelifeguaranteed.com     supporting sustainable living   



“Liandrah has been a guiding light for me for many years now. She first helped me to see the truth of Who I Am and my purpose here on earth. She always has had tremendous compassion and understanding for my journey and my shadows and was always able to shine the light on my truth which would then move me through painful life patterned and to a new level of being. Liandrah is a gift of light to this world.”

sandra jan 2016
Sandra Kunz
, custom Spirit Animal paintings, The Messenger Cards, artwork and written material, http://www.yourspiritanimals.com




“If there is such a thing as a one-size-fits-all intuitive, it would be Liandrah.  She is an exceptionally elegant communicator who is able to deliver even the most challenging messages with tact and grace, allowing you to benefit from the reassurance that you are exactly where you need to be, or to nourish the courage in you to move away from that which no longer serves”.  It is with great honour that I have called Liandrah my mentor for over 5 years.  As I began my own work as an intuitive counselor, she offered invaluable guidance which helped me establish and maintain spiritual boundaries, broaden my “sight” and gain confidence in my gifts.  When I was first starting to use my gifts in service of others, I was overwhelmed as I was still lacking the experience to know how to interpret the messages I was receiving, as well as how to calibrate for accuracy.  Liandrah introduced me to necessary spiritual tools by attentively listening to my needs while drawing on years of her own personal and professional experiences. I also had the privilege of having Liandrah conduct a sound healing on me when my leg was broken. I had never experienced the power of sound (from her own voice) like that before. It sounded like there was a pipe organ in my bedroom! I cannot say by what mechanism this works, but this is what I can report about my injury: I was off crutches a full month before anticipated by my surgeon. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am with my own work if not for Liandrah. She is one of the most loving, gentle, powerful, and wise humans I know. I often find myself referring back to conversations we had years ago, and marvelling at how all the pieces really do fall into place.  – Syrinx

“With a compassionate, gentle and trusting presence, Liandrah created a safe and sacred space where she could intuitively explore my energetic blocks and life challenges and direction with ease and grace. The clarity I received from the messages channeled through her absolutely addressed my Truth and resonated with me at a core level. Through one of her processes, I felt a dark veil lifted from my consciousness with the assistance of the Divine, which was an absolute miracle! I feel such immense gratitude that Liandrah shared her gifts with me as a crystal clear channel to the angelic and divine realms. My life has transformed beautifully with the insights, energetic work and loving guidance she has provided me.”  – Olivia

“About 4 years ago, I went to an event where Liandrah was giving 15 minute card readings.  Feeling really skeptical towards this, I decided to have the first card reading in my life ‘just for fun and to do something different”.  I told myself I’d only believe what I knew to be true.  As soon as Liandrah turned over the first card I had to hold back tears – I couldn’t believe such accuracy of the cards, particularly in the way she was reading them to me.  Over the next year, I went to a couple more of these events solely to receive a 15 minute reading from Liandrah.  Eventually I booked my first ‘real session’. I’ve been receiving readings and counseling regularly over the last 3 years.  I feel invaluable support from seeing Liandrah.  She’s been able to provide me with guidance and perspective that includes a deep understanding and respect for where I’m coming from and what I’ve already deeply come to myself.  To me, being seen like this is the only way to authentically grow.  Liandrah has been able to consistently help me through challenging personal circumstances in a gentle, trusting way.  She is able to see the truth in me and for me.  I feel deeply grateful to have found her and treasure every session that I can have with her.”  – Melanie