The Abundance Project

A few years ago, the unthinkable happened – first I lost my 2 precious dog friends, then I lost my sweet brother, and then I lost my home. It took everything I had to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Through these really dark days, I kept having the same dream. I woke up countless mornings remembering a painting I seemed to be told that I must paint – and I was told that I must paint the same thing many times. This seemed so silly to me and I resisted with every fibre of my being.
Finally I gave in and went to the art supply store for one canvas, and came out laden with 20 of them. The second I started painting the image, I knew I wasn’t going to stop any time soon.
I ended up painting the image 75 times on all different sizes of canvas, and on the back of each one I glued 4 crystals – one for health, one for wealth, one for unconditional love, and one for protection – the 4 most common things that everyone could use an abundance of.
I sang to those paintings, as I caressed them with layer after layer of bright turquoise and cadmium yellow. When I got to 35, I began taking them to fund raising events, selling them and donating all but the cost of the supplies. At each event, I would also donate one bigger one for a silent auction piece.
As I painted the 75th, I knew I was finished painting my “Suns of Abundance” for the time being.  I also knew that the colours and the intention and the crystals and the singing had all done their healing magic.  
Those paintings helped me find friends and a community and support and love and . . . myself with my feet firmly planted on an inspiring new path.

DSC_0350 (2)    DSC_0048-1