The Stillness of the Trees – Healing for the Healers

DSC_0567This event is an offering to thank YOU for all of the healing work that you do in this world!  Experience the healing energies of Divine light and sound, beginning with an active meditation process known as ‘The Stillness of the Trees’.
This uplifting, joyful meditation offers you an opportunity to step into the energy of one of most steadfast support systems on this planet – the trees around you and within you. This meditation also brings you into blissful connection with the blue-white crystalline light that blesses and heals as it passes through you.


Elements of sound are the next layer of luxurious healing energy as Liandrah wraps you in a comforting blanket of rejuvenating sound through the channels of her powerful, healing voice.

This free event is offered in Edmonton AB as many times a year as the need to support the healers of our world deems it a necessity.

Next event June 2017 – details coming soon!